5 best rice from Vietnam suppliers in 2022

There are more and more Vietnamese rice wholesalers who can provide high-quality services because of the steady growth of the wholesale market. Vietnamese rice producers are gaining ground in the international market.

A summary of Vietnamese rice suppliers

There are many things buyers need to know about best rice Vietnam suppliers to work with them well.

Price of some typical products of Vietnamese rice suppliers

Vietnam is famous as a country with strengths in agriculture in general and rice exports in particular. Therefore, rice suppliers from Vietnam also provide a variety of rice with many properties.

The price of Vietnamese rice fluctuates substantially nowadays due to global events


White rice

Main areas of rice suppliers from Vietnam

Both the Mekong and Red River Deltas have a large number of Vietnamese rice producers and exporters.


rice growing areas

Sticky rice and DT52 rice are two of the Red River Deltas’s most popular exports. Jasmine rice, Japonica rice, and long-grained rice are the primary products distributed by Mekong Delta.

Essential factors that distinguish reliable rice suppliers in Vietnam

Importers can use these standards to compare Vietnamese rice suppliers.
Licensed business
CFS, ISO 22000/HACCP, or Health Certificate
Market successes

Reasons to buy rice from a Vietnamese supplier

Rice output stability
Production is consistent and high. That helps Vietnamese rice suppliers ensure supply and export in bulk. Vietnam’s rice exports reached 6.15 million tons with a value of 3.07 billion USD in 2020, up 9.3% from 2019.

Products variety
In the category of Vietnamese rice for export, white rice accounted for 707,300 tons, aromatic rice for 716,000 tones, sticky rice for 489,700 tons, specialized rice such ST25, ST24 KDM, etc. for 110,240 tons, and Japanese rice for 64,400 tons. These items are sold in China (482848 tons), Europe (10645 tons), etc.

Transportation costs
Sea freight and logistics costs vary due to pandemic-related delays, port congestion, etc. At the beginning of June, Vietnamese rice vendors offered 493 USD/ton. Vietnamese rice suppliers balance price and quality.

Vietnamese rice suppliers benefit from government and local measures. England, the EU, and newly signed FTAs like CPTPP, EVFTA, RCEP assist promote our rice. The rice trade of Vietnamese suppliers is expected to grow 2.6% a year, or 16 million tons, to 62 million tons in 2030.

How to work with Vietnamese rice suppliers

Find Vietnamese rice suppliers
First, you should look for Vietnamese rice suppliers through Internet. Importers of ST rice from Vietnam should choose a vendor with references. It’s quick and efficient.

Check rice export/import policies
Before importing a big quantity, purchasers must import a sample to assess the quality. Buyers may prevent shipping concerns by following the country’s guidelines.


Finding best Vietnam rice suppliers

Contract, price, and terms
Vietnamese rice suppliers and the customer must bargain to cut expenses. Pricing depends on payment method and terms. Equal responsibility is the objective.

Cargo receipt and supplier evaluation
After receiving the shipment, the buyer should rate the service and products and contact Vietnamese rice suppliers with any problems. This improves goods.

Top 5 rice suppliers in Vietnam

Vietnamese rice vendors have the most market production and distribution. Here is the list of some top high quality rice suppliers:

Vinafood 1

VinaFood 1 is a top provider of Vietnamese rice. With years of expertise in rice, Vinafood 1 is one of the leading Vietnamese rice suppliers. Vinafood 1 enhances goods and expands the market to deliver the best Vietnamese rice to the globe.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is a significant rice provider in Vietnam. It is a pioneer and a fast-growing Vietnamese rice provider. K-Agriculture Factory supplies rice, coffee, spices, etc. to 80 nations. This provider has a reasonable pricing, decent packing, and good cargo handling. 2500 MT/day of milling and 400000 MT of storage are available. The K-Agriculture Factory had HACCP and ISO certifications.


K-Agriculture Factory

Contact now:
WhatsApp: +8484 444 4867

Email: info@k-agriculture.com


Quoc Te Gia

Quoc Te Gia is one of the leading rice processors and suppliers in Vietnam. Established in 2008, Quoc Te Gia is one of the main Vietnamese rice suppliers in production and export. Annual exports total 300,000 tons. Products are exported to and eaten in over 30 countries and regions. The rice processing facility has ISO 22000 – 2005 and HACCP food safety and hygiene certifications.

Co. Thanh Tin

Currently, the company produces rice lines with the characteristics: flexible, soft, and fragrant, which is well received by domestic and foreign markets. It mills 500 MT/day and stores 60000 MT. Thanh Tin is qualified for direct export by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a major Vietnamese rice provider.

Co. Tan Dong Tien

This provider has had a Ministry of Industry and Trade rice export qualification since 2011. In recent years, the Vietnamese rice provider has developed, studied, and pushed exports. In 2018, this supplier made 75,000,000 USD and 150000 MT. Tan Dong Tien’s plants and warehouses comprise 30,000m2 and 60,000 tons. It sells aromatic, white, and sticky rice.


Thanh Tin rice factory

Importers that seek bulk Vietnamese rice may contact Vietnamese rice providers. Rice supply networks are steady, and prices and goods are competitive. The Vietnamese rice suppliers’ job is also professional.