Arabica Honey Coffee – K-Agriculture’s appealing taste

Due to its professional processing, Arabica Honey coffee is a well-known beverage in the coffee industry, resulting in smells that are liked by many.

General information about Arabica Honey Coffee


Arabica beans aren’t native to Vietnam. They were brought to Vietnam by the French a decade ago. Only Cau Dat – Lam Dong produces the greatest Arabica honey coffee beans in Vietnam, a province known for its remarkable agricultural features and also the origin of our Arabica coffee beans.


Arabica Honey Coffee product detail

Product name Arabica Honey Cau Dat
Place of origin Cau Dat – Da Lat – Viet Nam
Grade G1, S16-18
Elevation 1550 – 1700m
Moisture 11,5% – 12,5%
Ripe Harvest 100%
Method Honey Pulp
Impurities 0.1%

Arabica Honey Coffee characteristics and competitive advantages

Arabica Honey Coffee special characteristics

This strain of Arabica honey coffee beans has a peculiar flavor due to the specific honey processing technology, or more precisely, the retention of viscosity (containing 8-12 percent sugar) to soak into the Arabica beans.

Arabica Honey has a particular flavor that sets it apart from other types.

Arabica Honey Coffee competitive advantages

  • Trustworthiness

For more than 20 years, our firm has operated as an agricultural unit. In addition, on behalf of the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, we are currently partnering with the Vietnam Trade Promotion Department.

  • Reasonable price

Our products’ prices may stay competitive when compared to those of equal quality thanks to our agricultural and industrial networks.

  • Economic environment

The current economic situation The Vietnamese economy is now quite open to receiving investments from a wide range of businesses and countries. Our shipment, payment, and other procedures are made as simple as possible with the help of VIETRADE, on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to assist you, our customers, in accepting their applications.


K-Agriculture is the largest Arabica Honey Coffee supplier.

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