Casa Moderna Project is a place designed simple but ingenious

Casa Moderna is one of the first projects that K-Render has worked hard to prepare and has had the opportunity to work with customers right from the start. Therefore, we are extremely proud of the products created by our team. In the following article, we will tell you more about the Casa Moderna project.

Casa Moderna Project Introduction

This is the first part to introduce some features as well as documents about Casa Moderna.

Customer’s initial idea of ​​the Casa Moderna project

For private houses, K-Render always wants customers to be the ones to voice their ideas and desires for the project. With this Casa Moderna project, we still very much welcome the great ideas of our customers.


Casa Moderna Project Introduction

  • More specifically, we spoke to the hosts in person. They mention the purpose of building the house. Besides, they also show that K-Render will give them the most sincere suggestions. Of course, that’s how we work.
  • Through the exchange, we have grasped the basic requirements and data of the house. After preparing the parameters and analyzing them thoroughly, our K-Render engineering team started working on this project.

Layout of Casa Moderna

Below is the layout of the house Casa Moderna:

  • 1st Floor: living room adjacent to the family’s dining and living space.
  • 2nd Floor: large bedroom and 1 smaller bedroom for each family member.
  • 3rd Floor: another space such as an office, a small storage room, and a toilet for each floor are also attached to each room..

The process of rendering the Casa Moderna project

In this part, we will describe it. Take a closer look at the rendering process of the Casa Moderna project and the basic elements that make the process perfect.

The light element for the whole house

The first factor is the light element of the whole house.

  • Firstly, K-Render always knows how to place the light, trying to harmonize the indoor lighting system in 3D rendering for interior designers in order to make the house more spacious and soulful. We used the latest professional rendering software’s editing tools and techniques to realistically depict the lighting of Casa Moderna.
  • Secondly, the lighting system in the house was also met with a lot of enthusiasm by K-Render when rendering it. Without the color lighting system, the Casa Moderna house would not have its inherent highlights. Besides, the objects in the house will not be the highlight for each room.

The light element for the whole house

The above points have shown how important the light element is in the rendering process of the Casa Moderna project.

Materials used for the interior of Casa Moderna

The next factor that we want to mention is the use of materials for the house.


Materials used for the interior of Casa Moderna

  • Firstly, the material that the customer requested in this Casa Moderna project is brick and stone. With slightly dark tones but extremely luxurious, customers want the objects in their home to be depicted in the most realistic way.
  • Secondly, our K-Render team took a week to learn about the materials as well as how to render the interior in Casa Moderna in the most realistic way using visualization software. In the visualization software our architects have used, there will be separate toolbars and palettes for materials or furniture. We had to arm ourselves with as much software as we could. And those software must be the most up-to-date and feature-rich software.

Using the right angle for Casa Moderna

And the last factor is that we need to use the right angle when describing the architecture in general as well as this Casa Moderna project in particular.


Using the right angle for Casa Moderna

The shooting angle is the final factor determining the success of the entire project. Not only the Casa Moderna project this time but also the previous interior rendering projects of K-Render, we have especially emphasized and focused on this element. The shooting angle or in other words the number of scenes for each room depends on the area of ​​each room to be illustrated.

  • Firstly, if the room has a large size of 30-40 square meters or more, K-Render always advises customers to choose for the room the number of scenes from 10-15 scenes. The scenes will show the whole space and beauty of the room in Casa Moderna. Each individual space or furniture will have its own scenes that depict them in the most realistic way. This customer can choose and make a decision. K-Render’s job is to follow what has been agreed with the customer.
  • Secondly, if the room has a smaller area, the number of scenes will be reduced (only 3-6 scenes are needed for a room with an area of ​​10-15 square meters)

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We received many good feedbacks on this project

With this special project Casa Moderna, we applied all the rules and practices mentioned above and received a lot of positive feedback from the owner and family members.


We always want to thank all customers who have accompanied K-Render Studio before, now and in the future. K-Render will continue to bring customers more exciting and premium service experiences!