Everything about trading cinnamon in bulk.

Grabbing general information about the wholesale cinnamon industry is a must to both cinnamon wholesalers and retailers.

Cinnamon in bulk: typical products

There are 2 types of cinnamon that are cultivated to sell cinnamon in bulk:

  • Ceylon cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon trees mostly grow in Sri Lanka. Due to its scarcity and unique warm flavor, its price is much higher than other types. It is enjoyed to be used in the treatment of inflammation, aging skin, etc.
  • Cassia cinnamon: Opposite to the Ceylon type, Cassia cinnamon evergreens are widely cultivated in many Asian nations and mostly in those places. It is described to have a bit more pungent taste and aromatic smell, that’s why it is popular in Asian meals.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon in bulk: locations of buyers and sellers

According to statistics of FAO, wholesale cinnamon sellers are often in Asian nations such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Indonesia and Vietnam are the 2 leading countries in exporting Cassia cinnamon products, while Sri Lanka is a king in trading Ceylon cinnamon ones. Original Vietnamese cinnamon is appreciated for its flavor and color. 

In the meantime, India, the US, and the EU are reported to be the largest cinnamon consumer markets. India is famous for its significant amount of Cassia cinnamon consumption, while the EU goes for Ceylon cinnamon.

Factors causing the distribution of cinnamon in bulk traders

The first one is a favorable climate. Cinnamon trees are able to grow at their best in the temperature of 20 – 30 Celsius, which is a common average temperature in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Besides, precipitation is also important. The ideal precipitation amount of cinnamon evergreens is 1200 – 2000 mm/year, which can be satisfied by the weather in lots of Asian countries.

Seeing that, governments in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka have capitalized on their natural advantages to promote the development of cinnamon in bulk industry.

Recommendation of 3 companies trading cinnamon in bulk

The list of trustworthy cinnamon suppliers below will helpful for you

K-Agriculture cinnamon supplier

With more than 20 years in wholesale trading cinnamon internationally, K-Agriculture can ensure both the quality and quantity of cinnamon to customers. 

Contact information:

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/

WhatsApp: +84 855555837

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Kanta Enterprise

Located in India, the company is well-known for its product diversity such as natural cinnamon oil, ayurvedic cinnamon oil, etc.

The Commerce Company

Established in 2018, The company is a new supplier of cinnamon in bulk. One thing special about this company is that wholesale cinnamon buyers can customize their products.