Important things to make successful Vietnam coffee suppliers

Vietnam has a distinct and long-established coffee culture that has resulted in large-scale exports of Vietnamese coffee beans around the world. For a long time, Vietnamese coffee suppliers contributed to the country’s export value.

Products of Vietnam coffee supplier

Arabica and Robusta coffee are the two main types of coffee that most major Vietnam coffee suppliers export to the globe.


Specialty coffee beans

Robusta coffee, which accounts for more than 90% of Vietnam’s green coffee beans and contains a lot of caffeine, is commonly used to manufacture instant coffee.

Arabica coffee: Despite accounting for only approximately 5% of Vietnam’s green coffee beans, Arabica coffee has a high quality, wonderful taste and may be utilized as an ingredient in a variety of popular coffee drinks.

Vietnam coffee suppliers also export processed coffee to other countries, such as roasted coffee and coffee powder. Previously, raw Vietnamese coffee was the primary focus of Vietnam coffee suppliers. With massive investment in new high-tech coffee factories, Vietnam’s ability to produce more processed coffee is expanding, and the country is moving closer to the production-processing process in the coffee value chain.

The main market of Vietnam coffee suppliers

Customers of Vietnam coffee suppliers come from all around the world. However, due to their near geographical proximity, a diverse range of modes of transportation, and thus cheaper logistic costs, they would primarily target Asian countries. They also ship their products to European countries via sea freight or through import agreements like EVFTA. In the last five years, Germany has been Vietnam’s largest coffee import partner.

Regions that Vietnam coffee suppliers mainly come from

To make production more convenient and affordable, most Vietnam coffee suppliers are located near coffee-growing areas.

The Northwest of Vietnam

This location is known for producing Arabica coffee, and it was one of the first regions in Vietnam to do so. The country’s two largest Arabica coffee producers are Son La and Dien Bien, which are the two main suppliers of Arabica specialty coffee.

The Central Highlands

The country’s main source of Vietnamese Robusta coffee is the Central Highlands. Dak Lak produces 500,000 tons of Robusta coffee each year, making it one of the top producers in the Central Highlands. DakLak’s distinctive Robusta coffee has been imported into more than 80 nations throughout the world.

Quang Tri

Despite having a long history of coffee manufacturing, Quang Tri has received little attention in the past. The Vietnamese government has been increasingly supportive of Quang Tri Arabica specialty coffee in recent years. Therefore, Quang Tri has developed in the specialty coffee field to provide for Vietnam coffee suppliers to export. 

Top leading Vietnam coffee supplier

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