Mr. Ken’s house – La Veranda project- one of the best renderings in Vietnam

The K-Render Studio crew poured their hearts and souls into the La Veranda villa project. When our client is happy with the renderings, we are quite grateful. In this post, we’ll tell the story of a house for which the client had shown renderings to their consumers and was really pleased with their response.

Overview of La Veranda project

The visualizations for the La Veranda project have now met all of the design agency’s specifications, allowing them to impress their customers. Our customer had informed us the relevant tale of the homeowner – Mr. Ken – in order for the K-Render Studio to have a comprehensive understanding of the project.

Something about the homeowner

Mr. Ken had grown tired of this place’s commotion. He also opted to construct a villa on the city’s outskirts. This has been his ambition for over ten years, to provide a warm and comfortable living area for his loving folks. As a result, he came to see our customer in order to provide him with the greatest design possible.

Something about the project

This house follows contemporary style with neutral colors such as grey, black and white. It gives the house a cosy and warm atmosphere.


The design idea of La Veranda is very impressive

The La Veranda house was created for a family of four, including two children and their parents. The designer has meticulously calculated the division of areas in the house to produce a space that meets the family’s demands.

There are two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen in the residence.

The living area and kitchen are divided by a wall, rather than being in one space as is common in apartments. The inventiveness used to divide the space is reflected in the glass doors that separate the children’s bedroom from the study room.


The living room of La Veranda project

A glass door divides the children’s bedroom from the study room.

This not only makes it easier for the two kids to roam between the two rooms, but it also allows the space to breathe.

Renderings of La Veranda project

Many things influence the quality of a 3d render interior design. The following are the major components of Mr. Ken’s house renderings.

Overview of K-Render studio

Human resources are a critical component in any product’s completion. Representation artists require a great deal of practice and study to create a realistic and accurate architectural rendering.

The renderings for Mr. Ken’s home were created by K-Render Studio’s skilled and expert rendering artists. These are great exterior rendering ideas. We have undergone extensive and professional training. Moreover, we have completed numerous projects of all sizes. As a result, the rendering artists at K-Render Studio work swiftly, competently, and accurately represent the customer’s ideas.

The answer of How to render La Veranda project

There are 3 factors that K-Render pay attention to La Veranda project

  • Lighting: In comparison to other projects, the use of light in this La Veranda project is quite unique.
    K-Render rendered both natural and artificial light in the living area instead of just one.
    The room is flooded with natural light. The living room receives rays of sunlight that pass through the curtains. They open up the living room and make it feel more large. Natural light also helps viewers see the room’s design and arrangement.

Natural light is used as our client’s requirement

Artificial light, on the other hand, creates a warm and intimate atmosphere in the room. The contrast between the materials is highlighted by soft light centered on the sofa, table, and chandelier. The living room has a more heartfelt and inviting feel to it.

  • Materials: A feather blanket is draped across the bed in the master bedroom. Painters face a hurdle when painting a feather blanket with thousands of strands. To make a realistic blanket, K-Render Studio‘s artists painstakingly painted each hair. In addition, this blanket contributes to the bedroom’s cozy warmth.

The materials in the house are all rendered realistically

  • Camera angle: In this project, the horizontal angle is the most important. The layout of the design will be readily apparent to viewers. Furthermore, the artist included some diagonal angles to emphasize the interior elements.

Kitchen area of La Veranda house


The K-Render Studio team worked hard to create the house renderings with a thorough understanding of the project and a desire to provide the best possible visuals. Our customer was able to demonstrate the owner’s ten-year fantasy home thanks to these representations. See our profile at