Notes when choosing the best exterior rendering ideas

If you search for the term exterior rendering ideas, you are probably interested in the field of 3D rendering. In this article, we will show you what exterior rendering ideas are. In addition, the main message is the notes around the topic of exterior rendering of ideas that you need to know.

What are exterior rendering ideas?

Exterior rendering ideas are creative, new, different styles that come to mind first when visualizing. They show up in the specifics of products or 3D images depicting the exterior of an architecture.

Notes on exterior rendering ideas

In this section, we will introduce the notes that you should know around the topic of exterior rendering of ideas.

You should choose the right color for exterior rendering ideas

Colors are important. It will contribute to making exterior rendering ideas much more prominent and unique. You can rely on the colors of exterior rendering ideas to make them more recognizable.


You should choose the right color for exterior rendering ideas

  • Firstly, exterior rendering ideas are the first creative steps that lay the foundation for the entire exterior rendering process. Therefore, shaping the style as well as color for each idea is very necessary. Minimalist styles will have their own dominant colors and tones. This can create a unique feature of each architectural work.
  • Secondly, the color combination of exterior rendering ideas can be based on existing works. If you are lucky enough to live in a city filled with a lot of creativity in terms of architectural culture, you will be able to be influenced more or less by those styles and colors. That’s an advantage when you’re looking for your own exterior rendering ideas.

Know how to use light in exterior rendering ideas

The second factor to mention is the light that you should focus on in exterior rendering ideas. 


Knowing how to use light in exterior rendering ideas

  • First of all, light is the deciding factor in whether your rendering is really beautiful and unique. If the initial exterior rendering ideas have adequate lighting, the completed project will be successful. Besides, it can bring the positive energy of that building to users and customers. 
  • Next, you might pay attention to the lighting when thinking about exterior rendering ideas. The excellent rendering products, in addition to having resonance from the outside light, also have an extremely eye-catching indoor lighting system. For such indoor lighting, you should refer to some of the previous works or renderings to be able to apply them to your exterior rendering ideas and projects.
  • These are all important things you have to pay attention, but you can choose exterior rendering services to make it easy. Know more here

Choosing the right exterior rendering ideas materials

Besides the two important factors as we have listed above, the last element that we want to mention below is the material in exterior rendering ideas. .

Since this is a 3D rendering of the exterior, we will focus on the colors and lighting of the photo. However, the highlights in exterior rendering ideas are still future architectural works. Therefore, we still have to pay attention to the material factor used when coming up with exterior rendering ideas.


Choosing the right exterior rendering ideas materials

  • Firstly, the commonly used materials can be wood, brick, stone and so on. However, it will depend on the light style and the main color tone that you have chosen when creating exterior rendering ideas. You will be able to quickly and easily decide on the materials in your exterior renderings.
  • Secondly, the materials you use must be in harmony with the light and the surrounding exterior. If the surrounding landscape is a beach, you should not have exterior rendering ideas that use materials with colors or designs that are close to that scene. Thus, your exterior rendering product will not stand out, but on the contrary it can be difficult to implement and visualize.


These are the factors that you need to keep in mind while coming up with exterior rendering of ideas for your project or architecture. Thank you for reading this article. Hope this information can help you now and in the future. You can find more articles related to architecture and 3D rendering at or K-Render Studio’s website – one of the best 3D rendering studios. Or contact us via Whatsapp +84855555961 for more information about 3D rendering services.