Everything you need to know about order process of K-Agriculture

When buyers want to import products of K-Agriculture in bulk. It is very necessary to know about the order process of K-Agriculture to work smoothly and reduce the risk in the work process.

An overview of K-Agriculture

K-Agriculture is becoming popular in the rice market by supplying many high quality products like wholesale rice, coffee, etc.

History of K-Agriculture

K-Agriculture was founded as a small merchandise to collect rice, corn, and nuts from Vietnam to the main market China at an early stage in 1996.

In 2010, K-Agriculture reached other markets by processing the first order to the USA and Africa after 15 years of exporting to China. These potential markets made significant contributions to K-Agriculture’s export volume.

Two years later, partners worldwide could seek K-Agriculture via K-Agriculture website and Alibaba store with the details of the products and easily contact them.

In 2020, K-Agriculture successfully exported Rice, Coffee, Cashew, and Spices to over 100 countries.

With countless efforts, K-Agriculture has gained many achievements and become the leading Agriculture company in Vietnam.

Vision and mission of K-Agriculture

During 25 years of development, K- agriculture is one of the leading wholesale companies in Vietnam which is pored by the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade.

In the upcoming decade, K-Agriculture’s vision is to be the Top 10 Agriculture Company in Southeast Asia and Top 100 Agriculture Expert in the world, especially for RICE – COFFEE – CASHEW – SPICES from Vietnam.

K-Agriculture’s biggest mission is to bring the best value of Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Main products of K-Agriculture

  • Rice:

Standard products: ST05, ST21, ST24, 504, 6976, 5451 RICE
High quality products: Brown Jasmine, Japonica rice
Fragrant rice: KDM rice, Jasmine rice

  • Coffee:

Commercial coffee beans: Commercial Robusta, Commercial Arabica
Specialty coffee beans: Arabica Dalat – Cau Dat, Arabica Lac Duong, Arabica Lam Dong Honey, Robusta Lam Dong Honey

  • Spices:

Cinnamon: Stick cinnamon, Cinnamon oil, Cigarette cinnamon, Cinnamon pơder

Pepper: Black pepper, White pepper, Light berry, Pepper powder

Star anise: Star anise whole, Broken Star anise, Star anise powder, Star anise oil.

Order process of K-Agriculture

Buyers can follow the order process of K-Agriculture below to be able to purchase our products:

K-Agriculture accept orders for the following products

  • With raw products, K-Agriculture will supply according to your requirements in terms of quantity, product samples…
  • This item must be ordered at least 1 ton.
  • K-Agriculture’s raw products ensure Vietnamese and international standards. When ordering, K-Agriculture will provide the origin, production unit, and technical parameters
  • After you confirm the final order and make payment, K-Agriculture will be responsible for preparing the order, checking, packing and shipping to you.
  • K – Agriculture will update the order status every day for customers to track. Even video call so you can follow your order directly.


Besides, K-Agriculture is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

  • K-Agriculture will take full responsibility to provide the product according to the customer’s request. Including product composition, specifications, packaging design, packaging, shipping
  • Before the product is packaged, during the preparation process, K-Agriculture will provide pictures and call every day for you to track the product in the most detail.
  • K-Agriculture ONLY DELIVER when all your requirements are met, satisfied and you AGREE to confirm delivery
    Your order will be notified and checked one last time before shipping to your address.

Ways to find K-Agriculture

Here are typical methods for customers to connect with K-Agriculture easily.

Through the internet

K-Agriculture is available on many trade sites to approach more and more global customers. Buyers could find us on Amazon, Alibaba,… to order the sample to test the quality or import in bulk following the above order process.

Meet face to face

This is one of the best ways to get to know your partners. Besides, this method verifies the supplier’s identity. Buyers could negotiate with K-Agriculture about price, payment policies to meet your demand.

Through trade fairs

K-Agriculture takes part in trade fairs regularly to introduce the best products with customers. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the company in person.

Contact information

Phone: +84 855555837

(WhatsApp Available)

Website: k-agriculture.com

Email: info@k-agriculture.com

If you want to know more about Vietnamese agricultural products, please visit us at https://www.flickr.com/people/kagriculture/