Something about a 3D rendering studio K-render studio

K-Render- the best 3D rendering studio, has a strong position in the architecture and visualization market thanks to its extensive experience and large number of projects. There are fascinating stories about people and the best initiatives hidden behind their success. This essay will explain why you should be interested in this 3D rendering studio.

The establishment of K-Render studio- the best 3D rendering studio

Mr. Ryan is a talented young architect. When he returned to Vietnam in 2010 after studying in San Antonio, Texas, he intended to open his own architectural design firm. Ryan worked as an architect for a two-year period in Vietnam for an architectural firm, where he received great feedback from his clients, in order to obtain more experience in the sector and to convey the architectural culture he learned abroad to Vietnam.


K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

He found during his profession that design alone isn’t enough; most engineers can design but struggle to market their work to clients. To tackle the problem, he remembered seeing a 3D rendering studio in the United States. After collecting significant contacts and funds over the course of two years, Ryan decided to launch his own company, K-Render, a 3D rendering studio that provides 3D rendering services.

The answer to what service our 3d rendering studio provides

After more than 8 years in operation, K-Render has established itself as one of the leading 3D architectural studios, receiving excellent feedback from clients. The following architecture visualization services are available from K-Render:

  • Interior rendering services allow you to visualize interior design concepts in a structure. Customers’ drawings or ideas will be delivered to our 3D rendering studio, which will create the best potential images based on their lighting, material, and layout choices in a space within the structure.
  • Exterior rendering services: Our 3D rendering studio provides architectural visualization services for the exterior of the building so that investors and architects may receive a clear picture of the project and avoid future complications. This kind of services is suitable for commercial building. You can find anything about How to render a commercial building at

K-render services

  • Aerial rendering services: Visualizing how the building interacts with the vast expanse behind it is easier with a bird’s eye perspective. Our 3D rendering studio is confident that we will be able to do this service more quickly than the competition.
  • Architectural design services: Because K-Render is made up of competent architects with vast experience in this industry, our 3D rendering studio can handle all architectural design needs. This service can be combined with 3D rendering to give a more complete product.

Pricing of K-Render Studio- the leading 3d rendering studio

As one of top 3D rendering studios in the world, K-Render, is relatively affordable, even when compared to the high quality of 3D rendering services we provide.

There are 4 options in pricing for you. Each option has some distinct priorities and promotions.

  • Starter: $ 15,9 per m2, free consultant, 2 sets of changes included
  • Standard: $19,9 per m2, free consultant, 3 sets of changes included and other benefits
  • Premium: $ 39,9 per m2, free consultant, 3 sets of changes included and other benefits.
  • Extra: $ 49,9 per m2, free consultant, unlimited views and other benefits.

Some best projects of K-Render Studio-the leading 3d rendering studio

Our 3D rendering studio has completed a number of projects with great architecture visualization services; here are a few of the most notable- Mr. Ken’s house – La Veranda project.


The design idea of La Veranda is very impressive

The K-Render Studio crew put their all into the La Veranda villa project. When our client is delighted with the renderings, it means a lot to us.
In this post, we’ll tell the story of a house for which the client had shown the renderings to their clients and had a lot of positive feedback. You can find our profile at