All the things you should know about cigarette cinnamon.

 Cigarette cinnamon is becoming more and more popular thanks to its amazing benefits for our health and signature flavor


A general look at cigarette cinnamon 


First, it is vital for us to understand what cigarette cinnamon is, ít varieties and origin, as well as how big the market for cigarette cinnamon is. 


Cinnamon product

Defining cigarette cinnamon 

Cigarette cinnamon is made from cinnamon inner barks. After the outer layer is scraped off, cinnamon barks will be cut into smaller parts, with a length ranging from 5 to 12 centimeters. Later, they are dried under the sun or in a dryer to curl into cigarette-like shapes. 

Two types of cigarette cinnamon

Customers can find Cassia and Ceylon cigarette cinnamon. Cassia cigarette cinnamon is more popular commercially due to its affordable price. It is supplied by a lot of Asian countries, the largest producers being Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. On the other hand, Ceylon cigarette cinnamon is provided almost entirely by Sri Lanka. The scarcity of Ceylon cinnamon makes it much more expensive than Cassia. Ceylon is also milder and sweeter in taste. 

The market for cigarette cinnamon

In 2019, more than $748M worth of cinnamon products, including cigarette cinnamon, were traded globally. A Mordor Intelligence report revealed that the cinnamon market will reach 0.25 million metric tons by 2024, which is an impressive development. Therefore, it is no wonder that lots of companies are interested in being involved in cinnamon trading. 


The many applications and benefits of cigarette cinnamon


Cigarette cinnamon can be added to a large variety of dishes to give them a nice and warm cinnamon taste. These dishes range from desserts like pies, muffins, and cakes, to savory ones like soup, stews, and roasts. 

Apart from its amazing flavor, cigarette cinnamon, when consumed, can be extremely beneficial for our mental and physical wellness. It reduces the risk of oral infection and tooth decay, as well as helps lower blood sugar levels. Cigarette cinnamon is also recommended for people with a common cold, flu, and sore throat, as it can improve our immune system. 


Top 3 exporters of cigarette cinnamon


The finest supplies of cigarette cinnamon will be found at the following prestigious providers:


K-Agriculture is Vietnam’s most famous exporter of cigarette cinnamon and other agricultural goods. The company is proud of its visionary managers and dedicated supporting staff. It also has modern factories to supply the best products to its international customers. 



Phone: +84 855555837 (Whatsapp Available)



Virgin Cinnamon 

Based in Sri Lanka, Virgin Cinnamon is one of the best-known cigarette cinnamon providers in the country. Its clients come from prestigious markets such as the USA and Europe. 

Jining Sunagro Trad

Jining Sunagro Trad is a famous Chinese cinnamon exporter. It supplies enormous volumes of cigarette cinnamon for both domestic and international consumers. The company adheres to Global GAP standards and possesses certificates from ETI, SGS, and GRASP.