Top 3 international cinnamon oil suppliers

There are things to notice about this field.


The overview of cinnamon oil suppliers


Cinnamon oil suppliers are intermediary units to give cinnamon buyers information about the products and take responsibility to deliver goods to buyers. 

Typical products

There are 2 main types of cinnamon oil in the world.

  • Ceylon cinnamon oil: It is almost exclusively grown in Sri Lanka. It is described to have a mild and warm flavor with aromatic smell. It is widely used in treatment such as local anesthetic or anti-inflammation.
  • Cassia cinnamon oil: It is more widely cultivated in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and China. It is described to obtain a more intense taste than the Ceylon one and more aromatic scent.

Cinnamon oil product

Sites of cinnamon oil suppliers

The global cinnamon oil suppliers are all located in Asia. They are Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka.

The main reasons for that distribution is the countries’ growing conditions, which are tropical and subtropical climates. Cinnamon evergreens love warm and humid weather, a common weather in most Asian nations.

Two best examples for that are Indonesia and Vietnam. Vietnam as the 1st

cinnamon exporter, including cinnamon oil in 2019.


Factors influencing the growth of cinnamon oil suppliers


There are 3 main factors

Abundant cinnamon oil sources: It is reported that Vietnam now has 150,000 ha of cinnamon trees, which is mostly used for exporting purposes.

Rising customers’ demand: According to OEC, the US, Mexico and India are always in the top list of biggest cinnamon importers for many years,

Governmental policies: The number of bilateral and multi-bilateral agreements has a tendency to increase in the upcoming years, which helps to decrease the price of cinnamon oil.


Ways to work with cinnamon oil suppliers


First, buyers send product requirements to sellers, then sellers answer to that by giving an FCO. Two signs discuss carefully to reach an agreement. After that, sellers and buyers carry out the delivery process and transaction. Finally, two sides do after-sales service.


Top 3 best cinnamon oil suppliers


The list below will be really helpful for cinnamon oil buyers

  • K-Agriculture cinnamon oil supplier

With 21 years of experience in trading cinnamon products, including cinnamon oil, K-Agriculture is able to ensure the quality and quantity of cinnamon oil to customers. 

Contact us:



Phone/Whatsapp: +84855555837



  • Kanta Enterprise

Based in New Delhi, India, the company is well-known for its wide-range products such as organic cinnamon oil, ayurvedic cinnamon oil, etc. 

  • The Commerce Company

First starting their business in 2018, The Commerce Company is a new distributor of cinnamon oil. One thing special about this company is that the products can be customized according to buyer’s requirements.