Top 5 ideal rice suppliers from Vietnam you must know

The more the consumer demand, the greater the number of Vietnamese rice suppliers with quality services, thanks to the consistent growth of the Vietnamese rice wholesale trade. Vietnamese rice suppliers are strengthening their standing on the global market.

Rice suppliers from Vietnam’s overview

Vietnam is renowned for its agricultural prowess in general and rice exports in particular. Therefore, Vietnamese rice providers also provide a selection of rice with various qualities.

Here is a price list of some types of rice in Vietnam:


Rice varieties

Vietnam’s key rice-producing areas

Mekong Delta and Red River Delta are the two regions that have many ideal rice suppliers in Vietnam.

Sticky rice and DT52 rice are Red River Delta staples. Mekong Delta sells jasmine, Japonica, and long-grain rice.

Identifying reliable rice traders in Vietnam

Importers can rely on the following aspects when selecting the Vietnamese rice suppliers they work with.


Identify good Vietnamese rice suppliers

Known location or address
Authorization from the government to legally conduct business
Certifications (CFS, ISO 22000/HACCP, Health Certificate)
Previous market success

Why should you choose Vietnamese rice suppliers?

Stable rice production
High-quality production allows Vietnamese rice suppliers export in quantity. In 2020, Vietnam exported 6.15 million tons of rice for 3.07 billion USD, up 9.3% from 2019.

White rice accounted for 707,300 tons, aromatic rice for 716,000 tons, sticky rice for 489,700 tons, specialist rice (ST25, ST24 KDM, etc.) for 110,240 tons, and Japanese rice for 64,400 tons. They’re sold in China (482848 tons), Europe (10645 tons), etc.

Transport fees
Pandemics, port congestion, etc. affect sea freight and logistics costs. Vietnamese rice merchants offered $493/ton in June. Vietnamese suppliers balance price and quality.

Government and local initiatives help Vietnamese rice suppliers. England, the EU, and recently signed FTAs support our rice. Vietnamese rice commerce is predicted to expand 2.6% a year, or 16 million tons, to 62 million tons in 2030.

Instructions on how to work with Vietnamese rice suppliers well

Find your ideal Vietnamese rice providers.
First, find Vietnamese rice suppliers. For example, buyers who want to import ST rice from Vietnam should select a provider with relevant references. It saves time and meets demands effortlessly.

Check rice quality and export/import policies
Before importing a large amount, buyers need to import a sample from Vietnamese rice providers to check the quality. Understanding the country’s rules helps buyers establish thorough processes and avoid shipping hazards.


Finding rice suppliers in VN

Price, terms, and contract signing
Vietnamese rice providers and the client must negotiate contract terms to optimize costs. Payment type and conditions effect pricing. The goal is to ensure both parties’ equal responsibilities.

Receiving cargo and rating suppliers
After receiving the cargo, the customer should offer feedback on the quality of service and goods and contact Vietnamese rice suppliers with any difficulties. This helps providers improve their products.

Vietnam’s top rice suppliers

Vietnamese merchants produce and distribute the most rice.

Vinafood 1

VinaFood 1 sells Vietnamese rice. Vinafood 1 is a significant Vietnamese rice provider. Vinafood 1 improves products and develops the market to give the finest Vietnamese rice.

K-Agriculture Factory

Vietnam’s K-Agriculture Factory supplies rice. It’s a fast-growing Vietnamese rice supplier. 80 countries get rice, coffee, spices, etc. from K-Agriculture Factory. This company provides excellent price, packaging, and cargo handling. We mill 2500 MT/day and store 400000 MT. HACCP and ISO certified K-Agriculture Factory.


K-Agriculture rice factory

Contact now:
WhatsApp: +84855555694

Quoc Te Gia

Quoc Te Gia is a prominent Vietnamese rice processor. Quoc Te Gia is a major producer and exporter of Vietnamese rice. 300,000 tons annual exports. Over 30 nations and regions consume exports. The rice processing plant is ISO 22000-2005 and HACCP-certified.

Thanh Tin

The company’s flexible, soft, and aromatic rice lines are popular in home and overseas markets. 500 MT/day is milled and 60000 MT is stored. Thanh Tin is approved for direct export by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade.