Tranquila Spa project- a masterpiece by K-render studio

A spa is a retreat where people go to unwind. The spa’s design must provide guests with a sense of relaxation and comfort. K-Render Studio has met all of the requirements for demonstrating these design characteristics in Tranquila Spa’s 3D rendering. This post will demonstrate how K-Render accomplished the Tranquila Spa 3D rendering.

Tranquila Spa design.

K-Render Studio has a solid grasp of the design of Tranquila Spa, thanks to the process of sharing information with our client and papers given by our client. In order to create high-quality 3D representations, you must have this understanding.


The lobby of Tranquila Spa

  • The project ‘s functional subdivision

There are two levels to Tranquila Spa. Each level serves a certain purpose. There’s also a tiny tree-filled area on the first floor. It’s the spa’s modest green space.


A 3D rendering image of 1st floor in Tranquila Spa

  • Lighting in Tranquila Spa as the client’s requirement.

The design firm wanted both natural light and light to emerge in Tranquila Spa’s 3D renderings in order to convey the spa’s distinctiveness while also providing comfort to its guests.


Both natural light and lamplight is used in Tranquila Spa

  • Tranquila Spa furniture

The Spa’s interior is unlike any other. The spa is equipped with a wide range of specialist equipment. This is something the rendering artists should be aware of as well.

How K-render studio renders Tranquila Spa project

K-Render Studio- one of the best 3D rendering studio has tried to do the best in each element in order for the 3D rendering to be in line with the wishes of the design firm and spa owner.

Lighting in Tranquila Spa renderings

Natural and lamp light were used in the 3D drawings of Tranquila Spa in accordance with the design firm’s request. Our rendering artists at our interior rendering studio expertly mixed these two sources of light to create a one-of-a-kind environment.


The light enhances the coziness of space

  • Tranquila Spa makes extensive use of natural light. This style of light brightens up any room. The painters at K-Render have a knack for capturing natural light.

A 3D rendering image of 2nd floor in Tranquila Spa

  • Through frosted glass doors, the artist from K-Render Studio brought gentle natural light into the space. As a result, the room is not overly light. Viewers will feel more at ease when looking at the Tranquila Spa 3D renderings after that.
  • The utilization of light combinations reflects the rendering artist’s skill. As in the Casa Modernam project rendering, a gentle yellow light glows in the interior, adding to the space’s comfort and coziness.

Materials in Tranquila Spa renderings

K-Render Studio’s artist meticulously analyzed the qualities of each material in the Tranquila Spa environment before beginning to add components. As a result, all materials appear as they would in real life in the 3D rendering.

Camera angle in Tranquila Spa renderings

K-Render Studio set up a variety of camera angles to provide the design firm and spa owner with a comprehensive perspective of Tranquila Spa. Many diverse camera angles are used, from outside to inside, top to bottom, and so on. The details in space can be easily captured by viewers.

Client’s feedback to Tranquila Spa project

Our client provided feedback on both the product and the 3D rendering unit after the project was completed.


Our client gave us positive feedback

  • Client’s feedback for Tranquila Spa project

The product is well-detailed, with attention to every minor and significant detail.

The 3D rendering products accurately portray design concepts, making customers of the design firm feel more confident.

The project is finished thanks to K-Render Studio’s contributions and design ideas.

  • Client’s feedback for K-render studio

Professionally, K-Render Studio works. Both the workflow and the payment process are really well-designed and easy to understand.

The Tranquila Spa concept was easily grasped by K-team Render’s of skilled rendering artists.
When customers have questions or requests, K-Render Studio is always available to help.