Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice: Must-know things that everyone should know

Vietnam is famous for many rice varieties that win several awards in the global contest. During recent years, wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is popular and consumed in many countries due to its unique taste and features.

An overview of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is a leading rice product that is imported in bulk by many large markets like Europe, Philippines, etc.

Definition of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is produced from Jasmine 85 rice variety (IR841 – 85), originating from the Philippines, popularly cultivated in the Mekong Delta since 1992. This is a very popular rice for Vietnamese people. Consumers get health benefits from eating jasmine rice such as having a good pregnancy, gaining energy and weight if they consume properly.


Definition of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Main features of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice grains are round (average length: 6.8mm), natural white. Jasmine rice has a characteristic jasmine aroma. When cooked, Jasmine rice has a sweet taste, light aroma, softness, and medium flexibility. Jasmine white rice is flexible even when cooled. Jasmine rice is low in calories and contains many essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

Cultivating areas of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

The Mekong Delta is known as Vietnam’s number 1 rice cultivating area when it contributes more than 90% of Vietnam’s rice exports, contributing to affirming Vietnam’s role and position in the world’s leading rice exporter. The Mekong delta accounts for 52% of the country’s rice-growing area on average. 

Besides, the Red river delta contributes a big amount of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice for exporting. Thanks to fertile soil, experience of farmers, intensive farming and applying many modern technologies, the Red river delta supplies high-quality rice products. Rice production of the region increased from 44.4 quintals/ha (1995) to 58.9 quintals/ha (2008).

Types of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Vietnam possesses many favorable conditions for rice production, rice specialists developed several wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice varieties to meet the customers’ needs.

  • Jasmine 85 is a kind of fragrant rice with a short growing period (also known as short-term rice). Jasmine rice is currently widely grown, accounting for the largest area in the total rice cultivation area. Because jasmine rice gives high yield and value. Jasmine rice has a naturally aromatic flavor with a small amount of pollen. Once cooked, it becomes more fragrant, sweet and delicious.
  • OM 5451 is a high yielding rice variety with a relatively short growing period (90 – 95 days) grown in the Mekong Delta. OM 5451 rice is a fragrant long grain rice created by the combination of two varieties Jasmine 85 and OM 2490, which is resistant to pests and diseases, and high yield (1-1.3 tons/ha), can plant 3 crops in a year.
  • Rice 4900 is bred from the famous rice variety Jasmine 85 but has better salt tolerance, better resistance to pests and diseases, and high yield. Rice 4900, developed in the Mekong Delta, is a purebred rice variety that retains the characteristics of high yielding, aromatic, soft rice varieties of Jasmine 85 and Lemont C53.  The rice grain is long, white. When cooked, the rice grains are soft, pliable, sweet and fragrant, and especially the rice remains flexible when cooled.

The price of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Main factors leading to development of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice

Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice has many strong points to develop steadily and be chosen by global customers.

Rice cultivation

By december 2020, the rice yield is estimated at 58.7 quintals/ha, increasing by 0.5 quintals/ha; Quantity rice is estimated at 42.69 million tons, going down by 806.6 thousand tons. However, this volume always ensures for a sufficient supply to export.

Growth of rice demand

Currently, Vietnam exports rice to 79 countries and territories around the world. Asia and Africa are the two main rice export regions, accounting for 67.68% and 21.59% respectively of Vietnam’s total rice export turnover in 2019. This proves the rice demand constantly increases, especially wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice.

Policies and governmental support

Luckily, The EU grants Vietnam a quota of 30,000 tons of fragrant rice with 0% tax under the EVFTA, becoming a great opportunity for Vietnam’s fragrant rice and specialty rice to affirm its quality and prestige in the world market. Currently, there are nine aromatic rice varieties exported to the EU that enjoy tariff quotas, including Jasmine 85. This is an attractive opportunity for the growth of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice.

Top 3 wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers

With the popularity of wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice, many jasmine rice suppliers are established to satisfy the different tastes of consumers. 

Trung An Company – one of the best wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers

Present in the rice market since the first days, Trung An has gradually affirmed its leading position, becoming the largest producer and exporter of clean rice in Vietnam. Trung An produces an output of 150,000-200,000 tons/year. Jasmine rice is one of their leading products.

K-Agriculture Factory

With 25-year experience in agriculture, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the best wholesale agricultural suppliers. Wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice is a bestselling product of this supplier thanks to high quality and delicious taste. To get the consultation, feel free to contact K-Agriculture via:

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Tien Giang Food Company – a reputable wholesale Vietnamese jasmine rice suppliers

Tien Giang Food Company is a large rice import and export company in Vietnam with more than 80% of rice production to serve foreign markets such as Singapore, Philippines, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong. The advantages of this company’s rice products are the uniformity of types, delicious rice, competitive prices, beautiful packaging, fast delivery, and food hygiene and safety.