The most dependable hair provider is Queen Hair Factory

Queen Hair has over 20 years of expertise in the business and is presently a supplier for a number of prominent hair brands across the globe. The following is Queen Hair’s backstory. 

Queen Hair’s foundation

Queen Hair is one of the most well-known hair companies in Vietnam. Queen Hair has over 20 years of growth and experience. 


Queen Hair’s foundation

  • Ms. Jessica, the CEO of Queen Hair, was born into a Vietnamese agricultural family. She is always attempting to assist her family in overcoming financial issues as well as her community. Ms. Jessica went on a field trip in the hilly Northwest of Vietnam after graduating from the country’s most respected university and found a significant resource: human hair. 
  • She discovered that the hair of the highland people in Northwest Vietnam is particularly healthy and lustrous owing to the practice of washing hair with herbs after living there for a long. Because the ladies here eat a healthy diet, their hair is also quite strong. 

Queen Hair’s origin

  • Ms. Jessica then spent a significant amount of time studying the most cutting-edge and innovative machinery for hair creation. She then enlisted the help of a team of hairstylists to do research and begin contracting with mountain women. Queen Hair was founded in 2000 and has since grown to become one of Vietnam’s most dependable enterprises. 
  • Queen Hair now has six departments, each of which is in charge of crucial responsibilities to assure the best quality of products. Queen Hair offers a customer service staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any questions clients may have. 

All Queen Hair goods given to clients are of the highest and greatest quality, Queen Hair can firmly state. Before shipment, Queen Hair’s sales staff takes images to give to clients for final inspection, after which the quality control team will double-check, pack, and ship. Because Queen Hair has its own plant in Vietnam, each step is assured. Queen Hair has submitted hair for a number of major companies all around the globe and has always maintained the company’s reputation. We’ll go through the highlights of Queen Hair in the sections below. 

The characteristic of Queen Hair products

Queen Hair’s goods have always met three criteria: excellent quality, reasonable costs, and a wide range of items. We’ll go through the characteristics of Queen Hair’s products in depth in the section below. 

Queen Hair’s high-quality product 

In comparison to other hair companies, Queen Hair products are always of great quality. Because our brand is founded on trust, this is our most confident feature. Because of these factors, this is understandable. 


Queen Hair’s high-quality product

  • The hair is collected directly from the women in the area by Queen Hair. These donors eat well and wash their hair with herbs on a regular basis. As a result, the hair is always 100 percent human, silky, lustrous, and healthy. 
  • Queen Hair has a lot of expertise with hair production. As a result, the organization understands how to make hair without causing damage to it. 

Queen Hair’s products are reasonably priced

The costs of Queen Hair’s goods are exceptionally low. Despite the excellent hair quality, the pricing is still reasonable. 


Queen Hair’s products are reasonably priced

  • Queen Hair is headquartered in the material region of Vietnam, which means that instead of importing hair from other nations, the company gathers hair from Vietnamese women. As a result, Queen Hair does not need to collect extra fees like operating fees, taxes, or shipping fees. Because the supply of hair is continuous, the price remains constant. 
  • The Queen Hair pricing is inexpensive because the firm employs low-wage employees and produces the hair in large quantities. As a result, the factory’s operating costs are kept to a minimum. 

Queen Hair’s extensive product line 

The versatility of the Queen Hair product range is well-known. The company provides a diverse selection of hair in a variety of hues and styles. 


Queen Hair’s extensive product line

  • Queen Hair has twenty years of expertise in the hair industry and understands precisely what consumers want in terms of color and style. As a result, Queen Hair always has the most current hairstyles available. 
  • Another reason for Queen Hair’s variety is that the company uses high-quality hair. As a result, the hair may be styled in a variety of ways without causing damage. 

Queen Hair has spent the last two decades doing everything possible to make every product that reaches clients the best it can be. Queen Hair is always working to improve goods, infrastructure, and customer service in order to reach maximum efficiency. Queen Hair is known for three things: great quality, low costs, and a wide range of products. These are the qualities that the firm strives to keep and grow for the long term. 

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