Indian raw hair bundles: Is it a good choice for the hair extension market?

Along with the strong growth of hair extensions, raw hair products are also highly sought after, so Indian raw hair bundles become more popular in the global hair extensions market.

Overview about Indian raw hair bundles

The Indian hair extensions market is popular with hair extensions products in the Asian market and gradually become more famous in the international market. Not only can the Indian raw hair bundles be obtained in large quantities, but this market also knows how to grasp the situation of other markets today to launch its own raw hair products.

The Indian hair extensions market is one of the big markets of Asia and also has a very long history, so Indian raw hair bundles are also widely known in the world. Despite having such an advantage in hair source, this market only really flourishes when Chinese hair traders come to buy Indian raw hair bundles for the production of their hair extensions. Since then, the Indian hair extensions market has been promoted and grown stronger and stronger in the steps of changing the hair extensions market.

Characteristics of Indian raw hair bundles

What are the characteristics that have made Indian raw hair bundles popular in the world hair extension market today?

The origin of Indian raw hair bundles

The Indian hair extensions market has many sources to get Indian raw hair bundles to be able to produce hair extensions products as well as export them to the international market.

  • Indian raw hair bundles are usually collected from three main people: temple hair, remy hair and non-remy hair. First of all, it must be mentioned that virgin Indian hair is the source of temple hair, the main source of hair for the factory to produce Indian raw hair bundles that are exported to many world markets today. Because India has a ritual to worship the gods and pray for peace, the people here will shave off their hair, whether it is long or short, they will also offer it to the gods.
  • Remy hair from the hair manufacturers is a popular source of coarse hair in India because temple hair is not available very often so remy hair source is still the first choice. The Indian market’s remy hair source is not really as excellent as other market’s remy hair products, but overall it’s still Indian raw hair bundles with potential in the hair extension market are seriously lacking in raw hair sources.
  • Non-remy hair is the least common source of hair in the production of Indian raw hair bundles because it is collected in scavenging form so its quality cannot be guaranteed. If there is any hair extension market that imports this source of non-remy hair in the form of Indian raw hair bundles because the price is very cheap, there will be more charges when it is necessary to process these hair bundles to be able to be used to be made into hair extensions.

Pros and cons of Indian raw hair bundles

What are the advantages and disadvantages of products that are prevalent in the world today? Are you curious about it or not?

  • With the general situation of the hair extension markets in the world being extremely short of raw hair sources like today, Indian raw hair bundles are a good choice. With the large quantity that India provides with a much cheaper price than other wholesale raw hair markets, the Indian raw hair bundles are extremely popular with hair traders because they can save money when importing raw hair source.
  • However, along with low prices and a large supply, what Indian raw hair bundles do not have is a high quality source. Indian raw hair products are generally very thin, weak, and not very durable. The only source of quality hair is temple hair, but this source of hair cannot be supplied in large quantities. Besides, the rough Indian raw hair bundles are not of standard quality, which also makes factories have to spend more time to process them.
  • The fact that the Indian raw hair bundles are of poor quality will cause a lot of difficulties for the hair extension markets because it is difficult to treat them to be radically better. Indian raw hair bundles with a fragile structure will need a variety of nutrients as well as professional treatment to be able to make hair extensions. Therefore, the markets when choosing to buy this type of coarse hair are putting themselves at risk.

5S hair factory’s raw hair compared to Indian raw hair bundles

5S hair factory is providing high quality standard Vietnamese raw hair bundles and has great potential in making hair extensions. Therefore, when compared with Indian raw hair bundles, we can clearly see the advantages that 5S hair factory’s products bring to the worldwide hair extension markets. With the raw hair source that 5S hair factory provides, the hair extensions products will be made perfectly without spending too much effort and cost to deal with Vietnamese coarse hair.