K-Hair Company: The secrets for fast hair sales around the year

According to many surveys performed by experts all over the world, more than 10% of women polled now use hair extensions, with a whopping almost all of them saying they would consider doing so in the future. So, what’s the deal with them regaining popularity?

The reason is that they can change different hairstyles, hair colors without damaging their natural hair. Profoundly realizing this big deal, K-Hair about me is a website that always adapts customers with up-to-date hair trends.

K-Hair Vietnam maybe a little new brand name to you but actually, it was established about 30 years ago, in 1992 by Mr.James. He started his business by collecting and delivering processed hair to Thailand and China, therefore boosting the quality of Thai and Chinese hair. His enterprise, however, was confined to a small scale because to restrictions in connecting procedures and facilities. Mr Daniel returned to Vietnam four years after graduating from the University of Queensland in Australia to take over his father’s firm. With his experience and never-ending effort, he eventually laid the basis for K-Hair Factory.

K-Hair Factory has accomplished some impressive accomplishments so far. K-Hair Factory has been a major success in the Vietnamese hair industry since 1996, and it was named one of the top ten manufacturers and sophisticated hair-producing technologies in Vietnam in 2002. Furthermore, Mr Daniel noticed the potential in hair exporting to nations and continents other than Thailand and China, so he chose to extend the industry by collaborating with wholesale hair vendors and retailers all over the world, particularly in Nigeria, where hair extensions are in high demand.

K Hair Vietnam is a major hair firm in Vietnam, with decades of expertise selling hair extensions to European, African, and American clients, as well as local hair sellers. Hair salons in Europe mostly import virgin hair and raw hair to bleach and colour according to their clients’ preferences. Retail clients in this region who wish to thicken and extend their natural hair like to purchase tape in hair from K Hair Vietnam. Otherwise, because African women’s natural hair is short and sparse, K Hair Vietnam provides weft hair or wigs for them. Hairstyles such as clip-in hair, ponytails, and pixie curls are popular among American customers.

You guys wonder why K-Hair can gain a reputation in exporting hair worldwide and have countless loyal customers. The reasons simply lie in the best hair sources and the ways they treat their clients in every step. 

All hair originates from local Vietnamese condors who dwell in distant highland places. When compared to other countries, Vietnamese human hair is regarded as the most valuable hair material because the country’s atmosphere, along with the limited use of chemical treatments on the hair, retains the natural hair’s strength and silkiness. The hair source is the same, as the hair of those local women has comparable qualities. After being carefully treated by K Hair Vietnam’s unique technology, this wonderful hair source will become gorgeous hair extensions.

 In contrast to other hair extensions sold by Indian or Chinese sellers. The quality of Indian hair extensions is unpredictable and substandard since they are created from waste hair or temple hair. Otherwise, while giving ample quantities, Chinese hair extensions are combined and treated carelessly to ensure the large number shipped. K Hair Vietnam’s products are silky, smooth, and have a lustrous appearance. Furthermore, there is a diverse range of hair kinds available in a variety of styles, grades, and prices to fulfill the diverse needs of each buyer.

Customers interacting with K-Hair Factory can check the factory or the items they’re interested in through a direct video conversation over the Whatsapp platform. You will be provided an exchange and a new one if something unexpected happens after you receive the hair. Another notable characteristic of the K-Hair Factory’s customer service policy is that you may pay for your purchases with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bank Transfer, as long as your monetary unit is dolla.

Another reason for K-Hair Factory’s success, as previously said, is its supportive workforce and wonderful policies. At K-Hair Factory, we have a team of advisors available on the website’s hotlines 24/7 to assist you in finding the finest hair extensions style, color, length, and price for you. Furthermore, the salespeople that function as a link between clients and the factory are all friendly, so if you’re a wholesale hair seller with long-term ambitions to deal with K-Hair Factory, call them and they’ll provide you all the information you need.

Finally, K-Hair Factory’s slogan “Quality is King” ensures that quality always takes precedence over all other factors. “Vietnam is known not only for high-quality hair extensions, but also for the greatest customer service from wholesale hair extensions suppliers,” says the quote’s symbol, K-Hair Factory. As a result, if you’re thinking about starting a career as a wholesale hair vendor, K-Hair Factory is one of the greatest places to start. Alternatively, if you are a hair enthusiast, simply contact them and they will not disappoint you with good quality at a fair price.