Queen Hair is the number one Vietnamese hair manufacturer

For the last 20 years, Queen Hair has been the top hair producer in Vietnam. Queen Hair has been making and delivering hair for thousands of clients throughout the globe for many years and has a wealth of knowledge in the industry. 

The origins of Queen Hair 

Ms Jessica is the first generation in her agricultural family in Vietnam to attend university, so she has always wanted to make a difference.


Queen Hair’s origin

  • She was resolved to add value to life and provide more possibilities for people in rural areas after graduating from one of the finest institutions in the nation. In the hilly mountains of Northwestern Vietnam, she started to investigate and understand the possibilities of the hair business.
  • Ms Jessica has discovered a brand-new sector in this nation that no one has ever seen before: the trade of human hair in Vietnam. She created a hair factory in 2000 after many years of accumulating money and in-depth study of the mechanics of hair creation, as well as research and experimentation.
  • From 2000 to the present, Queen Hair has been continually experimenting with and improving its services. Queen Hair is now a factory for tens of thousands of hair providers all over the globe.

Vision of Queen Hair 

Queen Hair has become one of the most prominent manufacturers in Vietnam, with thousands of clients all over the globe, after 20 years of business.


Vision of Queen Hair

Queen Hair is attempting to become the world’s leading hair factory, with the prestige and confidence of all hair merchants, in addition to maintaining its position as the number one factory in Vietnam.

The purpose of Queen Hair 

Queen Hair has always had particular objectives and has always tried to fulfill those goals as flawlessly as possible since its inception:


The purpose of Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair Factory aspires to be an inspiration to all females throughout the globe, not only Nigerian women, to discover their inner beauty.
  • Queen Hair aspires to help each lady discover her inner Queen by adoring her beautiful hair.
  • Hair, according to Queen Hair, is one of the finest ways for a woman to express herself. Hair can reveal a lot about a woman’s personality, and we want to be the ones to assist every female reveal her genuine inner beauty.
  • “Quality comes first,” says Queen Hair. We consistently prioritize quality and consider it an essential component of the brand. Queen Hair wants every girl to be able to buy the highest-quality product at a price that is reasonable to her. Queen Hair is always striving to enhance the quality of its products so that every product that reaches clients is of the highest quality.

Queen Hair’s service

Customers consistently give Queen Hair’s service five stars. Queen Hair has its own customer service division. The customer service staff at Queen Hair has at least two years of expertise in this industry and is accessible to answer any client queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Queen Hair’s service

  • Customer service representatives will contact all Queen Hair clients once they get the goods to solicit their feedback and inquire about any issues that may have arisen during the delivery process. If an issue arises during shipment, Queen Hair will do everything possible to assist clients. Following that, Queen Hair’s customer service staff will walk consumers through how to clean and protect their hair in detail.
  • Queen Hair understands the value of customer service and strives to make each client happy with our services. Every day, the Queen Hair staff strives to enhance our client service.

Queen Hair’s price

Queen Hair is a reasonably priced product. Queen Hair strives to provide goods to the market at the most affordable prices possible, so that every girl may have beautiful, glossy hair. The fact that it is so inexpensive does not imply that the quality will be poor.


Queen Hair’s price

  • All of Queen Hair’s products are made entirely of high-quality human hair from a single donor. All Queen Hair donors live a very healthy lifestyle, eating a wide range of vegetables and using herbs like grapefruit peel and locust for hair cleanliness.
  • In addition, Queen Hair offers distinct pricing for wholesale purchases, with a savings of up to $ 200 to $ 300 on bulk orders. Queen Hair’s pricing is exceptionally low when compared to other brands, despite its outstanding quality.
  • All Queen Hair products, in general, are guaranteed to be of the finest quality, with the most attentive customer care available. Queen Hair has always believed that the status and success that it enjoys now are due to the clients who have placed their confidence in the company. Queen Hair strives to satisfy the highest quality standards in all of its products.