Vacuum cleaner company to use some of new World Vac’s profits to aid parks

The Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. is one company that believes charity should start in the home.

At last week’s National Housewares Show, the company presented a new line of vacuums that will help fund several charitable causes under the theme “Eureka Helping Our World.” A portion of the proceeds of sales for the new “World Vac” line will be contributed to the National Park Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Gilbert Dorsey, president of Eureka, invited retailers to join with Eureka to promote the program and to provide information about the two charitable organizations to assist in furthering their messages.

“We consider our efforts to support National Parks and [programs to help combat] heart disease to be the grandest of enterprises,” said Dorsey. “We as a company are proud to contribute to the betterment of our planet and its people.”

Products in the new line will carry a “World Vac” logo that features a globe to emphasize the point that Eureka is “the company that cares about the world,” said Rich Godfrey, spokesman for the company.

To support the new line, Eureka also launched a nationwide promotion and publicity program featuring nationally known consumer-product specialist Deborah Durham. Durham will be making store and media appearances for Eureka in major markets beginning in spring.

The new line includes seven models, including: three attached tool uprights, one hard-case and two soft-bag designs; three Home Cleaning Systems, which are canister style vacuums with motorized brush nozzles for carpet cleaning; and one straight suction canister unit.

The attached tool uprights have 35-foot power cords, Eureka’s Filteraire dust bags, double-sweep brush rolls, permanently attached stretch hoses and lighted belt view windows–a new feature. The two soft bag uprights, the MegaBoss 9834 and 9855 feature a double zipper outer bag for easy bag changing.

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The hard-case model 9875 comes in blue while the MegaBoss 9834 comes in the company’s traditional Boss black. The third unit, model 9855, is available in dark green. Suggested retail prices for new uprights in the World Vac line range from $279.99 to $359.99.

The World Vac Home Cleaning Systems have a unique contoured design, said Godfrey. The company adopted the term “Home Cleaning System” for canister vacuums that were formerly called “Power Teams,” because it better defines what the products are capable of doing.

“As a leader in canisters and Home Cleaning Systems, we believe we are setting the future of the industry in terms of design and features,” said John Hoppe, vice president of marketing. “We believe the new World Vac canister and Home Cleaning Systems will kindle increased interest in this market, particularly with more homes going to bare floors in addition to carpeting.”

The three Home Cleaning Systems are available in 4.0 or 5.0 peak horsepower. The top-of-the-line 5.0 peak horsepower model 6890 features a 25-foot power cord, cord reel, variable speed control, headlight, Filteraire dust bag, dual edge cleaning, tool cover, 270-degree swivel hose and remote speed control. Other Home Cleaning System models include the World Vac Boss 6855 and the World Vac 6865.

The World Vac straight suction canister, model 6750, is rated at 5.0 peak horsepower and features a Filteraire dust bag, swivel hose, dual edge cleaning 20-foot power cord.